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    The security level of each person is not identical, so we always clarifies that we do not install two equal doors. In general, the unwritten rule is that the armored doors are installed in chalets and single-family homes, but there are also many people who require extra security in their apartment, and they specifically ask for it. Well because it offers them greater security and they will be more ease in their home, or because they prefer armored housing due to the content of their home. Our jacksonville beach fl locksmith can install a armored door as door of passage in bedrooms and other rooms of a house.        

    The armored doors can be chosen with different degrees of security, depending on the type of frame that carries the door or the number of anchors. The frame can be made of wood or steel. The latter is not appreciated externally, since it is topped with jambs to match the door, but inside it has an entire iron bar that prevents its leverage.

    To offer a more complete resistance, our jacksonville beach fl can change the safety cylinder of the MCM brand that these doors have as standard, by an anti-dumping pump. You can come to the store and we will explain everything in more detail. We are in the street of jacksonville beach fl.

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