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    Losing the keys of the car is, increasingly, a problem that can cost us, in addition to very valuable time, At present, there are already locksmiths of cars, which are nothing but professional locksmiths who have made a specialization in automobiles, since they open very differently to the doors of the home, blinds, etc.

    Here we will see some of the characteristics of these locksmiths and their way of working.

    Characteristics of auto locksmith

    Key changes are not carried out since this requires necessarily original matrices and tubes and these parts are only provided by the official technical services of the tourism manufacturer or by concessional workshops.

    The opening of vehicles is a specialty in itself that requires specific techniques and tools, and that its realization and value of the service will depend on the model and year of the vehicle since each brand has a detailed technique.

    This service is independent of the start of the vehicle and professional locksmiths open the vehicle by mechanical means only and are not involved in the start of tourism.

    These techniques are uniquely indicated in cases of loss of keys or trunk closed with keys in the vehicle and the doors of this also closed.

    What works does a cars locksmith do?

    It is true that one of the most common tasks of a locksmith is to open doors. Usually, they solve this type of work in a few minutes, since they usually have a lot of experience in them and also have the right tools.

    However, you have to think that opening a normal door is not the same as an armored door with a quality lock.

    In fact, the opening of security doors is considered a rather complex task within the world of locksmithing. They require another procedure and more specific material. It is a job that requires greater precision.

    Following the issue of opening doors, a locksmith can also be useful to change a bowler. This is another work that is understood as simple.

    And another issue for which you can also go to a locksmith is the issue of security. Professional locksmiths can install security shutters, anti-knock and anti-drilling doors, locks with anti-copying keys, create master keys, etc.

    As you can see, the scope of action in which a locksmith can move is quite broad. We can also offer you a list of some of the most common urgencies :

    •        Repair of locks and keys.
    •        Opening or placement of door locks.
    •        Installation of a master lock.
    •        Opening or unlocking the boot of the car.
    •        Preparation of spare keys.
    •        Repair of window locks.
    •        Repair of security systems.

    5 Professional tools that a car locksmith must have

    Smart Decoders

    These decoders can open and decide the most important vehicle models: Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. They are characterized by their high quality and simplicity. Easy to open due to guided orientation, scan on both sides of the tool and fricated in high-quality stainless steel.

    The Keys of the VAG Group

    These keys are used to open vehicle locks of the VAG group (Seat-Audi-Volkswagen-Skoda ...) with key profile HU66.

    Turbo Decoders

    These  decoders  are very fast and allow to open and decode in a very short time the locks of vehicles of the brands of the group

    A case of rods to open vehicles

    This case gathers a large number of tools necessary for the opening of a vehicle. For the opening of a lot of vehicles, essential for the automotive specialist locksmith.

    Professional locksmiths in cars:

    Our professional locksmiths specialized in car opening do not cause any physical damage to the doors as they specialize in employing effective techniques, practically at one hundred percent of the brands. However, in very modern brands and models may not be enough, while some of these cars require an electronic code printed on the key. Only in these cases consult our locksmith specialized in cars so they can solve your problem. Our locksmith company has explained you how these works are carried out, the tools used and the procedure to be followed, something that is not as simple as it can be seen in movies or series, to open a car without problems, it is necessary to have a great knowledge of it.

    High-security locks for vans and trucks, these locks are a very simple installation and offer a high level of security, very advisable for transporters or professionals who carry a valuable load in their trucks or vans.

  • Car Key Service

    Car key service near me by 24/7 mobile locksmith.

    As we have years of experience in the key locksmith scene, we understand the stress and frustration of the situation when you lost car keys no spare and need an auto key replacement or spare car key. We also understand the difficulty of the situation when you need to tow the car to the dealership, spend your time and money, make thousands of phone calls and get a ride to the dealership itself - just to get a car key made for an unfair price.

    This is the first reason we provide this service - to take all the stress out of your mind. When ever you find yourself in a situation when you lost car keys no spare, or just need a spare car key - Let 24/7 Mobile Locksmith make it easier for you. 

    Our highly experienced locksmith technicians are traveling 24 hour around Jacksonville with the latest technology tools and machines to get you this service at any time and get you back on the road in less than an hour since the moment you call a locksmith to use our key locksmith service.

    Our Car key service includes:

    • Car key make
    • Car key program by a car key programmer
    • Car key cutting
    • Car key code ordering
    • Car key repair
    • Car remote make
    • Car remote repair
    • Car key fob
    • Transponder key maker
    • Ignition change*
    • Ignition repair
    • Car key extraction

    *Certain makes and years for Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota

    Car key service near me – We provide 24hour service in and around Jacksonville, Orange park, Middleburg, St. Augustine, Yulee, Fernandina Beach, Atlantic beach, Nocatee, Callahan, Baldwin, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Northside, Jacksonville Westside and Ponte Vedra Beach.

    We make car keys for the following car models:

    • Acura
    • Buick
    • Cadillac
    • Chevrolet
    • Chrysler
    • Dodge
    • Ford
    • GMC
    • Honda
    • Hyundai
    • Infinity
    • Kia
    • Lexus
    • Lincoln
    • Mazda
    • Mercury
    • Mitsubishi
    • Nissan
    • Pontiac
    • Scion
    • Suzuki
    • Toyota

     Need a Car key maker to you location?

    Give us a call at 813-488-0180 and we will send a technician to you right now!


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